Find My iPad – Owner Retrieves Stolen iPad & Police Get the Crooks

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I was at a board meeting yesterday to lead a little hands-on with the iPad and talk about an upcoming initiative. One of the board members told us the story of how his home and truck were recently broken into while everyone was out. The thieves made off with his iPad which was tucked away between the seats of his truck. His home alarm system notified him and the police, but by the time they arrived the thieves were gone. He then remembered he had installed Apple’s free Find My iPad. He logged on to a computer and discovered the iPad was still nearby. He gave the location information to the police and they were able to catch the robbers in the act of breaking into another home. They got the thieves and he got his iPad back.

Find My iPad can be a valuable tool if you lose your iPad. You can locate it on a map, send a message to the device, remotely wipe it or lock it to protect the contents, or simply have the iPad play a loud tone to make it easier to find. Learn more about setting up the free Find My iPad.

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  • Andy Brovey Post author

    The GPS chip in 3G-enabled iPads will provide the most accurate and precise locations using a cellular connection. For a Wi-Fi-only iPad, it will need to actually be on a Wi-Fi network in order to report where it is.

  • Sandy Jensen

    Great blog topics–thank you!

    New question: If I take a picture on my iPad2, and I want to post it to my blog, creating the blog post also on iPad2…how do I do that?

    Right now I’m downloading the photo onto my laptop and reloading it into the cloud for access, but there’s gotta be a better way, right?

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