Finding Educational Apps Using the App Store, Curated Collections & App Finders

I had the opportunity twice this past week to lead iPad professional development sessions for educators. One group was local. On Tuesday, the county school system (Lowndes County, GA) held a terrific staff development event called the Loco Techno Expo. Teachers and school staff led dozens of presentations for peers and guests on using a wide variety of technologies for teaching and learning. I was invited to join them and led sessions on iPad resources for special education, finding instructional apps, and getting free resources in the iTunes Store for use in the classroom.

The second group of educators was in the state of Washington, attending an event sponsored by ESD 113 called AppStock. I joined in via Skype, using a two-camera setup. One camera was the common iSight built into my MacBook Pro to show yours truly. The other was the clever HoverCam T3. The HoverCam was trained on my iPad so I could show and share content as well as demonstrate multifinger gestures and other features.

During my time with these Georgia and Washington educators, I shared a number of ways to find iPad apps for teaching and learning. Here’s the resource list we worked from as we explored finding apps for the iPad.

App Store – App Collections for Educators





Language, Grammar, Vocabulary

Life Science


Special Education

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