How to Set a VIP in Mail on iPad or iPhone

VIP stamp

In a previous post, I mentioned setting up a VIP in your mail account. Here are the directions for setting up a VIP in the Mail app on the iPad or iPhone.

Open the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad.
Make sure you are seeing the list of all your mailboxes. If not, tap the “back” button in the top corner of the display until you get to the main Mailboxes screen. (The < button may read “Back” or have a mailbox name.)
Find your VIP mailbox, then tap the little “i” button (information button).
Tap “Add VIP” to add a name from your Contacts app to the list.
Tap “VIP Alerts” to set the type of notification you’ll get. Be sure the notifications settings screen has “VIP” at the top.
Choose the type of notice you want to receive whenever someone on your VIP list sends you an email. For example, a banner on your iPhone or iPad lock screen or a pop-up alert that you manually dismiss. You can also set a special “Notification Sound” for VIPs.

Once you have your VIPs set up, you’ll get a special notice whenever one of these very important people emails you. Note: if you set a notification sound, you’ll hear this audio alert even if you have the sound muted on your device. See Things That Go Ding In the Night.

The VIP Inbox highlights messages from important people by putting them into a separate view, making these messages easy to notice. It doesn’t move any messages or create duplicates of messages.

Need to remove a VIP? Tap the “i” button and swipe right to left across the name. Then tap Delete.

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