How to Transfer A Video File From Computer to iPad – Copying & Converting

I recently led an iPad workshop for a group of employees at a leading snack products company. Today I received this question about how to transfer a video file from a PC to an iPad.

Can you tell me what application I need to download onto my PC so I can transfer a video file onto my iPad? I spoke to Ronnie this morning and he said during his iPad training they learned what app will allow him to make this type of transfer.

The app / program I recommended in our workshop is called PhotoSync. See this link:
My Favorite iPad Photo App Doesn’t Take Pictures or Edit Them… It Moves Them

You can also copy a video by connecting your iPad to your computer and use the iTunes program.
1. Open iTunes if it doesn’t start up automatically.
2. Select your iPad under Devices in the left column. If you don’t see Devices in the sidebar on the left, you need to turn it on.
Quick Fix for iTunes 11 – How to Turn the Sidebar Display View Back On
3. Under the device, you have an option called Movies. Select this.
4. Drag and drop the video file you want to copy onto this Movies item. You should see a progress bar that will indicate how long it will take to copy the movie to the iPad.

If you get a message that the file can’t be copied, this indicates a problem with the file type. Before you can copy the video to your iPad, you’ll need to change the format of the video to one the iPad can display. This free tool will help

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