iOS 4 and Hardware Wish List for the Next iPad

In a previous post, I touched on what iOS 4.0 might mean for the iPad. Scott Stein at CNET recently published 10 ways iOS 4 could shine on the iPad, including a few with photos of screen mockups of the desired feature. It seems clear that iOS 4 on the iPad will include folders, improved multitasking, app switching, improved background notifications, and unified inbox and threading for the Mail app. Other Improvements I’d like to see:

  • wireless printing (No need for a cable here. Wi-Fi will do. Steve Jobs allegedly responded to an email on this question with the words “It will come.”)
  • multiple user accounts (So each user could have his or her apps and app preferences loaded as needed. Otherwise, I may need another iPad at my house.)
  • MobileMe features on similar Apple iPad apps and better integration similar to iLife on the desktop

Hardware wish list for the next iPad model:
  • Front-facing camera. See that tiny hole in the black bezel at the top of your iPad? That’s the ambient light sensor that adjusts screen brightness automatically depending on your surroundings. According to iFixit there’s room in the case at that point for a camera. Though I can see where it would make more sense to place the camera for use in landscape orientation rather than portrait. The unflattering angle as the camera looks up at you may be a problem, but the right case with adjustable viewing angles could fix this. However, see the next item for my other thought on adding a video camera.
  • Expanded uses for the USB adapter found in the iPad Camera Connection kit. I wrote about this here. Perhaps to connect a USB web cam. You could then set up your webcam as needed for the best view of you or your surroundings. USB flash drives are another possibility, but existing wireless solutions (using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) and cloud-based storage seem more likely. Apple’s own MobileMe could become a great candidate here.
  • 1GB of RAM. The current model has 256MB. The newest iPhone has 512MB. Double that seems about right for iPad 2.

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