iPad Screen Protection: Do You Need A Screen Protector for Your iPad?

A member of my Master Class recently asked this question:

I’ m curious about the plastic type covers that adhere to the iPad screen. Are these beneficial to the life of it?

These screen protectors can help to protect the glass. However, the Gorilla glass on the iPad is a tough product. With reasonable care, a cover or case, and regular cleaning you can keep the glass screen in good condition. You may need one if your iPad will be used in harsh environments or because you need to frequently wipe down the screen. That way, you’re cleaning the screen protector and not the iPad glass screen underneath the film. In that case, spend a little more for a quality film. Less expensive (low quality) ones may interfere with taps, gestures or when using a stylus. Note that most of these screen protectors are challenging to apply. Follow directions carefully to avoid wrinkles, bubbles or trapped dust. Quick tip – removing these films can be tricky. Apply the end of a small piece of painter’s tape or masking tape near one corner. Then use the tape as a tab to help pull the corner of the film loose.

I don’t use a screen protector on any of my iPads. However, I do have a screen protector on my iPhone. I mentioned above that wrinkles, bubbles and trapped dust can be a problem. This is particularly true with screen protection that adheres to the entire screen. You can get protectors that cling only to the bezel or border that surrounds the screen. The one I chose was the GreatShield EZseal Plus. Unfortunately, it is often out of stock at major retailers. Here’s a link to an article with reviews.

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