iPad Tip: How To Get Back an App You Deleted by Mistake or Chose to Delete

Maybe you deleted an iPad app by mistake. Or maybe you needed to delete an app to solve a problem, such as an app stuck on “waiting” during download or an app that was misbehaving. When you delete an app from your iPad, that app is still in your iTunes collection on your computer, if you’re syncing that way. You can connect your iPad and reinstall the app from within iTunes next time you sync. But what if you mistakenly delete the app from your iTunes collection? Or perhaps you’re using iCloud for backups so you don’t have your iPad content backed up in iTunes on your computer.

No worries. You can get the app back. You can see and download previously purchased apps on your iPad. Here’s how to get the app back again:

Open the App Store on your iPad.
Tap “Purchased” at the bottom of the screen.
Wait while your list of purchased (and free) apps loads.
Locate the app.
Tap download button (cloud with arrow).
You may need to log in to your account with your Apple ID.

app store download button
Your app downloads and installs on the iPad.

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