iPad Tip: How to Open Videos Attached to Email Messages

I recently received this request for help from one of the members of my iPad Academy Master Class. (The Master Class is a series of video tutorials for learning to use the iPad). Perhaps other are struggling with just how to view a video attached to an email message. Here’s the request and my reply (edited for clarity). Corri confirmed this solution worked.

Hi! I don’t know if this is covered but my friend in Australia and I want to share videos. She has sent me several from her iPhone to my iPad, but can’t open the ones in her iPhone that I send from my iPad. Any suggestions? It’s quite disappointing because we got a lot of snow yesterday and she never gets snow. Can/will you please help us?
Thank you,


With iOS 6 the process should be:

1. Open the email message that you received the movie in
2. Tap on the icon or preview of the movie file and hold on it
3. When the Save Video button pops up, tap it.
The video will now be saved to your Camera Roll for you inside the Photos app.


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