iPad Tip: Mysterious Skype Contact Solved Using Fast App Switching to Quit the App

In a previous post, we answered the question “Do You Need to Quit Apps on Your iPad?” The only common app you need to be concerned about is Skype. You should quit that app using the fast app switcher if you won’t be using it again soon. Yesterday I got first hand confirmation of this advice.

While working at home on my Mac with Skype open, I noticed my wife was on Skype. This seemed odd, considering she was at work at the time. So I checked her Mac in our home office. Nope. Skype wasn’t running there. Checked her iPad. No, the app wasn’t running there either. By this time, she was ending her workday, so I sent an iMessage to see if she was on Skype on her phone. The reply was no. We decided to wait until she got home so I could check her iPhone. Yes, you guessed it. When we checked her iPhone, there was Skype on the ribbon of recently used apps, running in the background. Once we ended Skype using the fast app switcher, the mystery was solved. Less than a minute later, she no longer appeared on my contact list as active. So if you don’t use Skype regularly on your iPhone or iPad, you should quit the app when you’re through with it. This may not extend your battery life much, but it will prevent any confusion for your active Skype contacts.

Here’s a quick reminder on how to end an app using fast app switching. Open the fast app switcher, touch and hold on any app until it (and others) start to shake and delete icons appear. You’re now in edit mode. Find the app and tap the delete icon. This forces the app to quit.

fast app switcher delete

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