iPad Tip: Uploading A File to a Website. Try An Alternative to the Safari Browser

Yesterday I received this request for help in uploading a resumé to an online job website. The Safari app doesn’t support uploading a file from the iPad in this way. My suggested solution is to use an alternative web browser. This will not work in every case, but it may be worth a try. Here’s the email from Jenice and my reply.


I’m applying for jobs online through my iPad using the safari app. For
some reason when I try to attach my resume, which I have saved in
Dropbox, it does not give me an option to go to Dropbox. It only gives
my an option to choose a file from photos. Does it not have the
capability to choose a location other than photos??

Unfortunately, Safari doesn’t directly support the upload function you need. You may be able to use the iCab Mobile browser ($1.99)

This alternative browser app supports file uploading, though it won’t work on every site.
You may need to download your resumé from Dropbox while in iCab. This should put the file in the iCab download manager, making it available for upload to the online job site.

Good luck with the job hunt!

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