iPad Tips and How-To: Microphones, Note Taking, Visualization, More Free Apps

Time for another reading roundup, where I share links to articles I’ve collected on apps and tips for using your iPad.

I’ve been gathering info recently on low-cost audio recording setups for a project I’m working on. During my search, I found this detailed article by Jeff Geerling on external microphones for iOS devices and tips on using them. Geerling offers a video and his recommendations on a number of low-cost microphones as well as iPad apps for recording. If the video won’t play (I had trouble) or you’d like to see more of Geerling’s mic tests, you can search for geerlingguy microphones on YouTube.

In the last year I’ve collected a number of note-taking apps and continue to look for reviews of those I own and those I don’t yet have. Mac|Life offers a review of three handwriting apps – Penultimate, Note Taker HD and PhatPad.

The iPad is an ideal platform for visual media. The site Cool Infographics suggests ten infographics and visualization apps. There are apps that feature content others have provided, such as stats and infographics, as well as apps that help you to visualize your own data, media or ideas.

Like you, I’m always looking for useful free apps and I’m grateful when others take the time to recommend collections of such apps. WebTabLab has selected the 55 best free apps of 2011 and included a direct link to each app in the iTunes Store.

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