iPad Web Clip Icons – How to Make Them Look Better

In an earlier post, I described how you can create a Web Clip for a Safari webpage to add it to your Home screen. Here’s a quick review:

Create a web clip to add it to your home page. A web clip appears like any other application icon, but instead of starting up a little program known as an app, a web clip starts Safari and jumps you right to the site of the web clip. While in Safari on your iPad, click the plus sign (+) then tap “Add to Home Screen”

What I didn’t mention was that the web clip icon captures the position and zoom level of the page you’re saving. For example, here’s  a quick web clip of the iPad4Edu site I’ve mentioned in a previous post. The web clip icon isn’t very interesting or informative.





Now, here’s a web clip where I zoomed in and repositioned my view of the iPad4Edu website before making the web clip. What you see in this web clip icon is what I saw in my Safari browser on the iPad just before I made the web clip.





This tip isn’t just for the tops or titles of pages. You can navigate and zoom in to any part of the page. Then when you tap the web clip icon, you’ll jump directly to that part of the webpage. However, the website author can choose how the web clip icon will appear by adding a bit of code that points to a default image. In that case, your web clip icon is what the website author chooses. Here’s mine. I hope it earns a place on your iPad.



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