iPads in Education – Apps, Articles and the Agile Space

Ian Wilson writes about iPads in Education. His site offers recommendations for apps in art, geography, history, literacy, numeracy, music, productivity and science. He also comments on why schools should use iPads. Most intriguing is his description of “technology spaces” as a means of classifying five broad categories of educational technology devices. He contends the iPad defines a new space between mobile and portable devices, what he refers to as the “agile” space. Worth reading. I’ve added Ian’s site to my list of Resources, found in the lower right corner of this page.

About Andy Brovey

Dr. Andy Brovey, The Portable Prof, teaches about digital tools through his work, websites and social media. In 2007, Apple Inc. recognized his work and named him an Apple Distinguished Educator. He started this iPad Academy website shortly after the first iPad went on sale. On his Freelance Teaching site you'll find the resources you need to teach like a smart entrepreneur.