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Apple offers a number of free and low-cost resources for supporting learning at home on the iPad. Learn and Study From Home is a recommended collection of 20 popular apps for iPad, including many that classroom teachers use with students. […]

Apple Resources for Supporting Learning at Home

A recent article in Wired Magazine describes how iPads are being used in new ways to support health care workers and their patients as they battle Covid-19. iPads Are Crucial Health Care Tools in Combating Covid-19 describes how iPads are […]

iPads – Redefining Telemedicine in Covid-19 Treatment

Have you ever wanted to movie more than one app on your iPad? Did you know you can select more than one app to move when you move an app? I show you how in this video tip for the […]

Select and Move Multiple Apps on the iPad

In this tip for the iPhone, I show you how you can show the week numbers in the Calendar app on the iPhone. When this is enabled, you will see the week numbers on the left side of your calendar […]

Show your Calendar Weeks on the iPhone (iPad too!)

With iPadOS, Apple introduced new ways to move the cursor around while typing on the iPad. In previous versions of iOS, you placed your finger where you want the cursor to be, with iPadOS, you can now drag around your […]

Moving the Cursor on the iPad with iPadOS (iOS 13)

Did you know you could flick keys on the keyboard on your iPad to access numbers and symbols? To make sure this is enabled, open the Settings app and under General, go to Keyboard. Make sure Key Flicks is enabled. […]

TIP: Flick Keys on the iPad to access Numbers and ...