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A few days ago, I had a wonderful phone conversation with entrepreneur Suzanne Xie. Suzanne is the founder of Hullabalu, a children’s media company with several popular, interactive storybooks on the App Store. The characters and adventures in these children’s […]

Storybook Apps Inspire No-Code App Creation Tool

Did you know you could create a custom vibration for an alarm on your iPhone? Why would you want to do this? Let’s say you created an alarm for dinner tonight. When that alarm goes off, you would pull out […]

How to Create a Custom Vibration in an Alarm

When you connect your iPad (and iPhone) to a wi-fi network, your iPad will remember that network and connect to it in the future if it is available. It’s a great feature that most people don’t think about, and why […]

Forgetting Networks on the iPad (and iPhone)

I have another tip for you and your iPad… did you know you could scan documents into a note on the iPad? It’s easy and better than taking a photo. Why is it better than a photo you may be […]

Scan Documents Directly into a Note on the iPad

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Regular visitors to iPad Academy know I’m a great admirer of Dan Wassink and his Noteboom site. Dan and I share a passion for helping others learn to use Apple technology. Noteboom offers hundreds of tips, tutorials and videos for […]

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