Portable, Inexpensive iPad Stands and Holders for Under $10

Here are four portable iPad stands you can easily take with you. The first two are designed specifically for the iPad. The third and fourth were actually designed to hold other items but also work well for the iPad. Any of these holders cost less than ten dollars and one even includes a charitable donation with every purchase.

Ezzyl -$4.95
The Ezzyl is made from corrugated plastic, the kind you might find in lightweight, roadside signs for small businesses, yard sales and FSBOs (homes for sale by owner). Available in black, silver and white. One dollar of every purchase goes to one of five charities. Link

iPad stand

iBendXL – $10

The iBendXL is a thin sheet of plastic with a straight edge across the bottom and the upper edge cut to a hilly curve with two hooks to finish the ends. When you bend it, the straight edge, hooks and the (now) curved back form a rest for the iPad. The flat, flexible iBendXL becomes a rigid holder. Link

iPad stand

Wire Display Stands – 2 for $10 or less

These wire/acrylic or three-wire display stands can be found in most online or local stores that carry office supplies. Though not specifically designed for the iPad, either can be a sturdy adjustable holder. These stands do not fold flat but are still quite portable. Search online for “display stand.”

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