Shooting Bursts of Photos with the Camera App on iPhone/iPad

We know that we can take a single photo when we tap the shutter button on the iPhone or iPad when in the Camera app, but did you know you could take a burst of photos when you hold the shutter button? This a great feature if you are looking for that ‘perfect shot’ and it’s easy to use, you literally just tap and hold the shutter button. When you do this, you’ll see a counter above the shutter showing you how many photos you’ve taken.

Now what do you do after you’ve taken them? How do you get rid of the photos you do not want to keep? Just tap on Select when looking at the photo in the Camera app or Photos app and then you’ll be able to select the photo or photos (you can select more than one) you want to keep. Your iPhone will delete the rest freeing up space so you can take more photos.

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– Dan Wassink

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