Splashtop Apps on Sale Now: Splashtop Remote Desktop & Splashtop Touchpad

Just heard from Steve at Splashtop. Their Splashtop Whiteboard app is also on sale at 50% off, now $9.99. This may be the best solution for those looking to use the iPad as part of an inexpensive interactive whiteboard system (IWB).

I’ve written before about using remote desktop apps with your iPad as alternatives to interactive whiteboard systems here and here. One of the apps I recommended is Splashtop Remote Desktop. Right now that app is on sale for 80% off, marked down to $1.99. Splashtop has also reduced their Touchpad app from $4.99 to free. Splashtop Touchpad turns your iPhone/iPod touch into a wireless touchpad and keyboard for your PC or Mac.

Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPhone & iPod
80% OFF regular price of $9.99

Splashtop Touchpad
Free for a limited time

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2 thoughts on “Splashtop Apps on Sale Now: Splashtop Remote Desktop & Splashtop Touchpad

  • Becky Searls

    What are our your thoughts on doceri versus splashtop whiteboard? I downloaded the doceri stuff since it comes with a free trial but not sure if it splashtop may be more intuitive? thoughts?

    • Andy Brovey Post author

      Either may suit your purpose and personal style. Splashtop Whiteboard remains on sale at just $9.99, so it will be inexpensive to see which is best for you.

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