The Next Generation iPad – Another View

Yesterday I mentioned a few items I’d like to see in the next generation of the iPad. Jason Perlow at ZDNet also spent some time recently on the topic of hardware improvements in his article “The next generation iPad and what Apple needs to deliver.” Jason and I agree on many items including a memory upgrade. In previous posts I’ve addressed the gyroscope, webcam and an improved display.  Jason offers an alternative setup for the webcam as well as a new screen technology known as the Transflective LCD display. We agree the new display technologies would, for now, add too much to the entry-level cost of the device. However, the Retina display and Transflective LCD technology do point the way to next generation iPad screens. He also included an item I put in my original draft of yesterday’s post but then removed – HDMI output. This article made me reconsider HDMI, though I admit I’d still like to have it, even if I had to use an adapter. As for Jason’s comment about the poor quality of the iPad speaker, we disagree. I find it fine considering the size of this device. I would suggest that the left and right channel audio need better separation. The current iPad does have stereo sound. You just can’t tell because the left and right speakers are so close together behind that small grille.

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